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2 06:54:00 2011","thread":"16979","postDate":"Sat Aug 16 10:14:00 2008","postDateEpoch":1218896040,"threadEndDateEpoch":1296647640}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"38381","_score":0.23848495,"_source":{"question":" Rnadom question my index file is not showing on my main website does that mean i need to edit the htaccess file I uncommented the original htaccess file so I assumed I wouldn t need to change it","threadEndDate":"Sat Feb 20 14:31:00 2010","thread":"38381","postDate":"Sat Feb 20 14:13:01 2010","postDateEpoch":1266693181,"threadEndDateEpoch":1266694260}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"13224","_score":0.23689434,"_source":{"question":" I ve changed the htaccess to htaccess in order to get the rewrite rules and enabled sefurls however my homepage still shows tiki index php and the rewrites seem to work when I list pages but I can t access them can anyone provide some insight no it does not same thing as the others 404 not found Apache AllowOverride set correctly in apache config to allow for htaccess ","threadEndDate":"Mon Oct 8 20:44:00 2012","thread":"13224","postDate":"Tue Mar 3 00:31:00 2009","postDateEpoch":1236058260,"threadEndDateEpoch":1349743440}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"8910","_score":0.21871606,"_source":{"question":" Maybe u should check the permission on ur htaccess too Did you run the installer setup sh never understand how to run setup sh and the htacces are chmod 777 http doc tikiwiki org tiki index php page ref id 7 hmm 777 is full access to everyone ","threadEndDate":"Tue Dec 16 16:15:00 2008","thread":"8910","postDate":"Mon Dec 15 18:13:00 2008","postDateEpoch":1229382780,"threadEndDateEpoch":1229462100}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"73672","_score":0.15630974,"_source":{"question":" polom since when there is a 1 after my name funny just go by to ask someone to add something to proposal 6 x i noticed for a few minutes ago there is a reset of DirectoryIndex in the htaccess","threadEndDate":"Wed Oct 12 07:48:01 2011","thread":"73672","postDate":"Wed Oct 12 07:38:01 2011","postDateEpoch":1318419481,"threadEndDateEpoch":1318420081}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"262945","_score":0.1552024,"_source":{"question":" tw o still says it s down Welcome to the official Tikiwiki English Irc channel tw o is better known as http tikiwiki org or the official website of the project if you go to tw o and press community it goes to a fail page database connection error email sent to TAG and noc tw o about tw o being down xavi11 i think i spoke to you a couple months ago about doubling of content when inserting images in wiki pages I finally took the leap to linux now i can t get sefurls to work any way to tell if htaccess is in effect ","threadEndDate":"Mon Jun 7 06:49:01 2010","thread":"262945","postDate":"Mon Jun 7 06:35:00 2010","postDateEpoch":1275906900,"threadEndDateEpoch":1275907741}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"332472","_score":0.14755504,"_source":{"question":" so i deepaks like a request for foo com to result in the user seeing foo com in their address bar not foo com tiki index php you can probably set the default index to tiki index php right now it s likely index php which does the redirect you can then enable sefurl and set up the htaccess file and some urls won t contain tiki index php sgtd have you found the sefurl feature in admin features new ","threadEndDate":"Mon Dec 6 12:17:03 2010","thread":"332472","postDate":"Mon Dec 6 11:49:00 2010","postDateEpoch":1291654140,"threadEndDateEpoch":1291655823}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"79303","_score":0.13677102,"_source":{"question":" it s hosted elsewhere but the host has apache rewrite enabled Well the doc site link shows what Tiki uses same is used for all sites and it generally works Maybe you should contact the server admin I have and he assured me the rewrite rules are enabled I don t see a rewrite rule in the htaccess file for tiki index php does that need to be enabled ","threadEndDate":"Mon Apr 16 21:01:01 2012","thread":"79303","postDate":"Thu Feb 26 16:21:01 2009","postDateEpoch":1235683261,"threadEndDateEpoch":1334624461}},{"_index":"tiki","_type":"thread","_id":"230230","_score":0.11723231,"_source":{"question":" Hi everyone I m back I researched the issue setting server URL by what Webmaster Rick suggested via php ini file or htaccess Bad news I m on a hosted solution and those folks don t allow messing with php ini Tough luck what is the issue can you just install Tiki in the necessary directory Moreover server URLs play a role when using SSL and or proxy for encrypting data transfer to from tiki Since I m planning to suggest a corporate solution this is a must for ssl u can specify the url and port info for poxy too","threadEndDate":"Tue Feb 23 14:34:00 2010","thread":"230230","postDate":"Tue Feb 23 14:20:00 2010","postDateEpoch":1266952800,"threadEndDateEpoch":1266953640}}]}}